TruEarth® Satellite Imagery

  • Pure TruEarth Color
  • Global 15-meter Mid-Resolution Basemap
  • Web Maps | Simulation | Visual Effects

nScape™ 3D Terrain Engine

  • Compact, Multi-Platform, Mobile/Desktop
  • Compressed Global Terrain and Imagery
  • SVS | Flight Planning | Simulation

TruEarth Imagery and nScape 3D Rendering Can Take You Anywhere!


Google Earth

Does Google Earth use TruEarth imagery?

Are Google Map's errors TerraMetrics' fault?

TruEarth Imagery

Is TruEarth imagery map accurate?

How high above the Earth’s surface am I with TruEarth?

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TerraMetrics provides cost-effective satellite imagery, 3D terrain datasets and 3D terrain-rendering software tools to the computer visualization, simulation, mapping and animation markets. We have experience working with the some of best customers in the world.