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TerraMetrics to Showcase TruEarth® 15-meter Imagery and 
TerraBlocks™ Visualization Engine at Training and Simulation Expo
October 17, 2005

Littleton, Colo.—Littleton, Colorado-based TerraMetrics, Inc., announced today that it will exhibit at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, November 28–December 1, 2005. 

I/ITSEC promotes cooperation among the armed services, industry, academia and various government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues and development of multi-service programs. Initiated in 1966 as the Naval Training Device Center/Industry Conference, the conference has evolved and expanded through increased participation by the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and industry. 

“Synthetic vision (SV) systems will play a crucial role in mission-critical situations,” said Greg Baxes, President, TerraMetrics, Inc. “Flight-based SV systems, in particular, require high-precision terrain data and a method of delivering this data to the display that eliminates errors, provides a consistent frame rate and runs on a lightweight platform.”

“TerraMetrics is committed to providing products and technologies that can make SV a reality,” Baxes continued. “Our TerraBlocks™ visualization engine is an innovative approach to flight-based 3D terrain-rendering for SV and our new TruEarth® 15-meter, global, natural-color imagery is ideal for SV, as well as simulation, training and other visualization applications.” 

TerraMetrics will be demonstrating its TerraBlocks™ visualization engine in booth #348. More information about I/ITSEC is available at www.iitsec.org.


About TerraMetrics, Inc.
For over seven years, TerraMetrics, Inc., has been a recognized leader worldwide in providing cost-effective satellite imagery, 3D terrain datasets, and software tools to the computer visualization, simulation, mapping and animation markets. As a NASA contractor, the company is currently conducting research and development in flight-based, 3D terrain storage and rendering technologies and corresponding software implementation. For more information, see www.terrametrics.com.


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