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TerraMetrics Recognized in Military Training Technology’s Top 100

September 5, 2008

Littleton, Colo.—Littleton, Colorado-based TerraMetrics, Inc., announced today that for the third consecutive year, it has been named to Military Training Technology Magazine’s prestigious Top 100. The annual listing, compiled by the magazine and its publisher, Kerrigan Media International, recognizes companies that have made a significant impact on the military training industry through distance learning, live training, modeling, gaming, information retention, simulators or other training components. 

Military Training Technology's editorial board, accompanied by a panel of independent experts in the simulation and training field, evaluates companies on various criteria. These factors include total military sales, end-user feedback, innovations and the need for solutions. 

“We’re honored to be recognized as an important contributor to the simulation and training industry,” says Greg Baxes, TerraMetrics president. “We are continuing to develop products and technologies that deliver the accuracy and performance our customers require to prepare for and conduct operations in today’s complex military theatres. 

“We are especially excited about the precise, on-the-sphere terrain-rendering capability that our TerraBlocks™ 3D terrain-rendering engine brings to simulation, training and rehearsal exercises,” he adds. This technology can be customized for applications including flight-based synthetic vision systems, VisSim and field-based operations.”

Under a research and development contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory, TerraMetrics is investigating and developing a synthetic vision system that uses the TerraBlocks technology to help helicopters land more safely during zero-visibility conditions known as brownouts. 
The company also specializes in providing TruEarth® 15-meter global satellite imagery. Derived from uncompressed source data, TruEarth 15-meter imagery is produced using proprietary color processing techniques to provide unsurpassed color balance and accuracy.

Military Training Technology is dedicated to military training as a critical component of command readiness and service transformation. Readership includes Pentagon officials, Congressional members, U.S. military members, embassies and industry executives. The 2008 Military Training Technology Top 100 list can be viewed online at http://www.kmimediagroup.com/mt2-archives/18-mt2-2008-volume-13-issue-5/105-2008-guide-to-the-worlds-top-simulation-and-training-companies.html.


About TerraMetrics, Inc.
Founded in 1998, TerraMetrics, Inc., conducts innovative research and development of geospatial data, tools and systems for government, science and commercial applications. The company has recently completed research and development work on flight-based 3D terrain storage and rendering technologies, and a web service architecture that stores, processes and delivers massive, multi-dimensional science data sets to web-based geospatial browsers such as Google Earth. For more information, visit www.terrametrics.com


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