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TerraBlocks Terrain Rendering
Second-Generation Embedded OpenGL Terrain Rendering




The TerraBlocks™ 3D terrain-rendering and display engine delivers accuracy, detail and deterministic, high framerates using lightweight embedded computing platforms. TerraBlocks™ can support even the most demanding applications such as mission critical flight displays. The TerraBlocks™ engine uses compressed source terrain elevation datasets coupled with a run-time, terrain-block extraction and rendering process to achieve higher levels of data storage efficiency, rendering accuracy and rendering display rates.

In addition, the TerraBlocks™ terrain-rendering and display engine renders at multiple levels of detail, providing high-framerate rendering without introducing aliasing, vertex popping and other artifacts. Consequently, TerraBlocks™ technology provides a robust terrain-rendering foundation that supports embedded applications ranging from Synthetic Vision systems to ground-based simulation and web-based geospatial mapping.

The TerraBlocks engine is an OpenGL library and is available in object and source code forms, and supports both Windows XP and Linux environments as well as embedded environments.

 See TerraBlocks™ in action with these videos.

Learn more about TerraBlocks™ technical details.

The TerraBlocks™ terrain-rendering and display engine provides these elements to the mission-critical environment:

  • OpenGL-based engine

  • Compact, highly efficient terrain and imagery data format

  • No vertex popping >> "infinite" level-of-detail rendering

  • No TINed terrain data >> full-mesh terrain data storage and rendering

  • On-the-sphere rendering

  • Zero-error near-field rendering

  • Photorealistic or shaded relief terrain rendering

  • Deterministic rendering rates regardless of terrain features

  • Natural-color whole-Earth display visualization using global TruEarth® 15-meter imagery

  • High resolution inset capability using sub-1-meter imagery 

  • Optimized for embedded and mobile hardware platforms

  • ITAR-compliant version for commercial applications

With its unique terrain storage and rendering architecture, the TerraBlocks™ terrain-rendering and display engine is well suited for these applications:

  • Flight-based Synthetic Vision (SV) flight displays
    • Commercial air transport
    • Business jets
    • Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) and search and rescue operations
    • General aviation
  • Ground-based, high-accuracy control and VisSim
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight control
    • Mission rehearsal
    • Simulation
    • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)
    • Web geospatial/mapping


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