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TerraMetrics Makes Military Training Technology’s Prestigious Top 100

September 16, 2010

Littleton, Colo.— TerraMetrics, Inc., a leading developer of high-precision terrain-rendering technologies and global satellite imagery for aviation, simulation and geospatial markets, announced today that it has been named to Military Training Technology’s Top 100 List for 2010. The list recognizes the companies that have made significant contributions to the military training industry—a key provider of products and services that help U.S. military personnel train and rehearse for missions abroad or deployment at home. An impartial panel selected the winners based on criteria including innovation and program effectiveness. This is the fifth consecutive year that TerraMetrics has been honored in the Top 100 list. 

“We are pleased to be recognized as an ongoing contributor to the military training community and are focused on bringing new capabilities to simulation, training, mission rehearsal and avionics applications,” says Greg Baxes, TerraMetrics president. “Our whole-earth 3D TerraBlocks terrain-rendering engine is ideal for use on portable, handheld devices and in embedded platforms, and delivers the accurate, real-time terrain-rendering our customers require for tactical battlefield and pilot situational awareness.” 

TerraMetrics also produces TruEarth 15-meter global satellite imagery, which offers exceptional color balance and accuracy. Together, the TerraBlocks 3D rendering engine and TruEarth imagery and terrain provide a whole Earth rendering engine and global imagery solution that can be customized for applications including flight-based synthetic vision systems, simulation, mission rehearsal and flight planning. 

The TerraBlocks terrain-rendering engine is part of the TerraBlocks Clear-to-Land synthetic vision system that TerraMetrics is investigating and developing for the Air Force under a research and development contract. The system provides helicopter pilots with a continuously updated 3D terrain model of their landing location during brownouts. 

Military Training Technology is dedicated to military training as a critical component of command readiness and service transformation. Readership includes Pentagon officials, Congressional members, U.S. military members, embassies and industry executives. The 2010 Military Training Technology Top 100 list can be viewed online at http://kmimediagroup.com/files/Top%20Simulation%20&%20Training%20Companies%202010.pdf .


About TerraMetrics, Inc.
Founded in 1998, TerraMetrics, Inc., develops high-precision terrain-rendering technologies for aviation, simulation and geospatial markets. TerraMetrics was one of the first to produce and market natural-color global satellite imagery and is forging new ground in interactive 3D terrain rendering and display. As a government contractor, TerraMetrics is currently researching and developing synthetic vision systems for the Air Force that provide helicopter pilots with a continuously updated 3D terrain model of their physical landing location during zero-visibility conditions. For more information, visit www.terrametrics.com


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