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TerraMetrics Presents Paper at International Defense and Security Symposium
April 22, 2006

Littleton, Colo.—TerraMetrics, Inc., president Gregory Baxes presented a research paper recently at the 2006 Defense and Security and Symposium, sponsored by the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). The event was held April 17-21 in Orlando, Fla. 

The paper, titled “On-the-sphere Block-based 3D Terrain-rendering Using a Wavelet-Encoded Terrain Database for SVS,” describes TerraBlocks™, an emerging TerraMetrics technology that stores wavelet-encoded terrain datasets and renders them using an innovative 3D terrain-block approach. TerraBlocks™ specifically addresses two engineering obstacles in the integration of 3D synthetic vision systems into airplane cockpits: 1) storing massive on-board terrain databases with sufficient accuracy and resolution; and 2) achieving real-time, deterministic, accurate and artifact-free 3D terrain rendering. 

The paper was co-authored with Timothy Linger, a senior software engineer at TerraMetrics, and appears in the conference proceedings. This research was pursued in part under contract to the NASA Langley Research Center, Aviation Safety and Security Program, and is part of the company’s ongoing research and development work in flight-based technologies.

SPIE’s Defense and Security Symposium is one of the largest unclassified international symposiums related to sensors and sensor networks. The annual event attracts more than 6,000 engineers, military personnel, technical managers and scientists.

For more information about TerraMetrics, visit the company’s website at www.terrametrics.com.


About TerraMetrics, Inc.
Since 1998, TerraMetrics, Inc., has been a recognized leader worldwide in providing cost-effective satellite imagery, 3D terrain datasets, and software tools to the computer visualization, simulation, mapping and animation markets. As a NASA contractor, the company is currently conducting research and development in flight-based, 3D terrain storage and rendering technologies, and corresponding software implementation. For more information, see www.terrametrics.com.


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